We like to work together because it is good to be together, we complement each other. We love to make DIY projects, because the evolution of the surfaces and the function in front of our eyes and touching the final workpiece fills us with admiration. We love to make, create beautiful and useful things. The dizzying many possibilities which is available today have inspired us to share these experiences with others.

Magdolna Kónya PhD – Panka

I am a pharmacist with 15+ years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. I do my work under strict rules, systems, expectations, so I am grateful and looking for any activities, experiences, encounters that sticks out of it and enchants me. That’s what Inmage means to me.

Imre Zsombók

As an engineer, I know how important innovative thinking is, researching how to solve problems, tasks, and that how much pelasure it brings to succeed a challenging job. One of the best ways to utilize creative energy is to use both our intellectual and technical abilities, and Inmage helps in this.

Máté Zöldy PhD

With a background in development engineering and economics, I motivate those around me. For the past 15 years I have worked in Germany, Hungary as an employee , manager, engineer and developer. The applicability of new technologies, and their joint discovery, have led me to explore the potential of Inmage.

András Zsombók – Petya

When I was a kid I started programming because of a series of coincidences: my mother bought a picture programming book at a discount and we found the BASIC programming language on our computer which is needed to it. We experimented and did a lot of things. I have been loving creative work ever since, whether it is software or something tangible.